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Technology and Design for a better life

TPB tech

The Kitchen as a place to meet, work, live and enjoy is a special place at your home. Technology and design are subordinated to this purpose; they create maximum comfort and an atmosphere of well-being.

TPB tech akes this purpose into account in a special way. The classic black ceramic glass is no longer necessary and the inductors are hidden on the surface or on the worktop using the state-of- the art TPB tech technology as a whole integrated cooking solution, highly efficient and offering  the highest comfort.

However, the technological challenge in the development of TPB tech is to have invented a material , the TPB TOP PORZELANIK BARCELONA one, which solves the problem of thermal shock and impact. Porcelain alone tends to break up when there are sudden changes of temperature such as those that occur constantly during the cooking process due to the temperature coefficient of thermal expansion.


TPB tech solves this problem with its patent on the material TPB TOP PORZELANIK BARCELONA which is a multilayer material composed of porcelain ceramic, aluminum, Bakelite and another aluminum layer . The surface is porcelain ceramic and provides all the positive properties of this material (it is not porous and is therefore antibacterial, absolutely scratch-resistant, easy to clean and can also be used as cutting surface ). The aluminium layer under the porcelain ceramic serves as a heat conductor and therefore acts as a heat sink that prevents in a secure manner a thermal shock. The other layers: Bakelite and aluminum ensure a significant weight reduction, high impact resistance and absolute planimetry 

All those materials or surfaces intended to cook directly on its surface which neglect to solve the problems of thermal shock and impact are doomed to failure.

The modern induction technology of TPB tech impresses with its speed and excellent energy efficiency.
TPB tech’s induction equipment is not a conventional one since its technology has been specifically adapted for the TPB tech product given that its surface is not a glass.

TPB tech does not work with traditional induction equipment on the market.

The TPB technology works with "elevations", small separators, between the pot and the surface, which minimizes the residual temperature on the working surface after cooking. The induction response time is extremely fast when heating the pot and when adjusting the power level. It can be manipulated by tactile operation directly on the work surface or by knobs on the fronts of the furniture

The position of the inductors, as well as the diameter and power can be freely configured.

TPB tech technology is offered optionally with the following inductors:

  • Ø 170 mm / 1400 W

  • Ø 230 mm / 2300 W – 3000 W with „Booster“

  • Ø 280 mm / 2300 W – 3000 W with „Booster“

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