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TPB tech



TPB tech, a benchmark in innovation

High resistance to the Impact.

Low energy consumption kw/h

Flexibility as for the situation of the hobs 

Touch control well defined on the surface or Knob (for professional kitchens)

CE certification for the whole product: surface + electronics

Michelin-starred chefs  and renowned restaurants  like M.Berasategui, Hermanos  Torres , Xavier Pellicer are cooking with TPB tech.


There are  real images of industrial and domestics kitchens.

When the cooking area is hot, signal (H) appears in the Touch Control (this is mandatory at 50 degrees).

Oil temperature limitation exists.


White and polished surfaces are not availabe for TPB tech since they are  not suitable for cooking directly on its surface.

Induction equipments are developed and manufactured in Germany.

TPB tech is apt according to the EN 62233 ELECTRO-MAGNETIC FIELD (EMF) for the human exposure. 

Excess of energy consumption tests are available.


TPB tech has technical service for failure.

TPB tech is delivered with the electronics built-in.

TPB is a patented material whose layers allow to obtain the ideal performances and results by integrating inductors with complete safety.

In case of induction equipment failure,  TPB tech’warranty will replace only the hob in question since each equipments is individual. Induction equipments are not repaired but replaced. Cost of replacing them out of warranty  is very low. It's is no necessary to change the entire workop or the rest of the hobs. Replaced equipments are recycled.

If one of the inductor hobs fails, you can continue cooking with the other inductors hobs.

 TPB tech is the first worktop with invisible integrated induction that is on the market since 2013.  You can watch the video presentation of  the Chef Martin Berasategui  (10 Michelin stars ) who is already cooking with TPB tech it in his Restaurant in Lasarte and at his own home.

Patented product.

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