¿Qué es

TPB tech?

Can you imagine yourself cooking directly on a kitchen worktop with a smooth surface without glass and without visible hobs?

TPB tech® is the first technological surface with invisible integrated induction on you can elaborate, cook and plate. It allows cooking on a surface where there is no glass or visible hobs so is very easy to clean. TPB tech® maximizes space in the minimum space.


The TPB tech® product has its origin in the registered and patented TPBmaterial under which was integrated an induction system with CE certification and other international certifications.

TPB tech® innovation, conceived originally for the professional sector, is also being introduced in the domestic kitchens.

TPB tech whose maximum measures (in a single piece without joints) reaches up to 315 x 122 cm offers 2 types of controls: one can be placed on the surface with a well-defined (Touch control) and the other one can be placed on the frontal area (knob)

of the worktop similar to the gas system.

Energy consumption is low compared to other currently systems on the market. In addition, it is one of the safest products on the market since it allows working very close of the cooking area due to the low residual temperature on the surface.


TPB tech® is a product developed, invented, registered and manufactured in Spain by the company TPB- TOP PORZELANIK BARCELONA and it’s supplied all over the world.

“ TPB tech is a giant appliance“