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¿What is TPB tech?

Can you imagine cooking directly on the kitchen counter,

on a smooth surface where there is no glass or visible fires?

TPB tech is the first technological surface with invisible integrated induction on which you can prepare, cook and serve. It allows cooking on a surface where there is no glass or visible burners, so cleaning is very easy. You maximize space in the minimum space.

The TPB tech product has its origin in the TPB registered and patented material under which an adapted induction system has been integrated and which has a CE Certificate and international Certifications.


TPB tech's innovation, originally conceived for the professional sector, is now being introduced into domestic kitchens.

With TPB tech whose maximum surface size (in a single piece and without joints) reaches up to 315x122cm, it has two types of control knobs: they can be placed on the worktop itself with a well-defined tactile touch control or the knobs can be They can be installed outside the countertop by placing them in the front part of the cabinet, like gas cookers.

Energy consumption is low compared to what currently exists on the market and it is one of the safest products on the market since it allows working just a few centimeters from the cooking area due to the low residual temperature on the surface.

TPB tech is a product developed, invented, registered and manufactured in Spain for all the countries of the world by the company TPB TOP PORZELANIK BARCELONA.

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