TPB tech products/Business models

TPB techis not a worktop but an appliance. 

It is configurable and resizable and can be functionally integrated in a harmonious way in the kitchen in terms of dimensions, configuration, and design.

TOP PORZELANIK BARCELONA works with customers based on two alternative business models:

-Customized Production

TPB tech®

custom made

Customized production in compliance with the customer's requirements.


Procedure to work directly between TPB and the final customer or kitchen studio:

a) Definition of the final measures between TPB and the client/kitchen studio.

Maximum measures: 315 x 122 cm and 315 x 70 cm

b) Definition of:

  1. Color/ finish of the porcelain-ceramic surface.

  2. Quantity, diameters and position of the induction hobs.

  3. Position and type of Control: Touch Control or Manual Control (Knob).

  4. Position and measures of the hole for sink and tap hole     


c) TPB thereafter will provide the customer an Auto CAD drawing which should be approved by the client/kitchen studiobefore starting to produce the order.

d) Elaboration according to the drawing and agreed delivery time.

e) TPBtech is easy to install. Installation can be done by any professional in the kitchen sector.

-Standard Production based on pre-defined configurations

TPB tech offers standard configurations, pre-defined in terms of measures and position of  the induction hobs and Touch control. 

These are TPB tech standard products:


TPB tech® 

•TPB tech standard size 315x120cm can integrate up to 4 inductors.

 •TPB tech standard size 315 x 70cm can integrate up to 4 inductors.

Mini-tech 3 inductors.jpg

Mini TPB tech®

Size  120 x 62cm with 3 induction hobs : ø17/23/28 + 2 Touch Control.


Size 90 x 62cm with 2 induction hobs : ø17/23 + 1Touch Control.


Size 90 x 62 cm with 3 induction hobs : ø17/23/23 + 2 Touch Control.



Size 105 x 60cm with  2 induction hobs ø17/23 + 1 Touch Control.


Size 150 x 70cm with 4  induction hobs ø17/23 + ø17/23 + 4 Knob Control