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TPB tech products:

TPB tech technology is configured as a flexibly scalable appliance that integrates

functionally, in terms of dimensions, configuration and design, in the kitchen environment.

TOP PORZELANIK BARCELONA works with its clients based on two alternative business models:

-Customized manufacturing
TPB tech

TPB tech

This is the procedure to work directly between TPB and the final client or the kitchen studio and is carried out in the following steps:

a) Definition of the final measures between TPB and the client/kitchen studio


Two maximum measures are presented within which you can plan freely:


315 x 122cm



b) Definition:


1. Color / surface finish.

2. Number, type and position of the inductors.

3. Position and type of control (touch control or manual control - knob)

4. Position and type of machining for sink and faucet


c) TPB produces a CAD drawing that must be approved by the client or the kitchen studio before production begins.


d) Custom manufacturing according to the agreed plan and delivery time.


e) TPB tech is easy to install. 

-Standard Manufacturing

TPB tech offers standard system configurations, predefined in terms of measurements and configuration. These already include the inductors and the touch control in a predefined position.

These are the TPB tech standard products:

TPB tech

TPB tech 
standard product

Measure 315x120cm that can integrate up to 4 inductors.


Measure 315 x 70cm that can integrate up to 4 inductors.

TPB tech

Mini TPB tech
standard product

Measurement 120 x 62cm that integrates 3 inductors: ø17/23/28 with 2 touch control


Measurement 90 x 62cm that integrates 2 inductors: ø17/23 with 1 touch control


Measurement 90 x 62 cm that integrates 3 inductors: ø17/23/23 with 2 touch control

TPB tech

standard product

Measurement 105 x 60cm that integrates 2 inductors of ø17/23 with 1 touch control


Measurement 150 x 70cm that integrates 4 inductors: ø17/23 + ø17/23 4 KNOB controls.

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