TPB tech: The invisible induction

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Create and manufacture high quality products designed to be functional and technological ....

The "game-changer" of kitchen appliances of the future ...

The TPB tech® countertop was officially presented in January 2013 at the Living Kitchen International Fair (Köln, Germany) and it began to be manufactured and marketed for both domestic and industrial use in 2014 ...




Joan Lloveras, inventor and alma mater of TPB tech has 27 of business experience.

With Industrial Design studies, he has always linked the world of design and technology with the manufacturing, setting as the motto “the function determines the form”.


Entrepreneur and optimistic by nature he created and developed several activities and products, all them always linked with combinations of materials such as wood, aluminium, glass and more recently porcelain ceramic material.


His beginnings were the design and manufacturing into the decoration sector. In fact, these beginnings allowed him to learn and develop his experience for new projects.


These new projects, supported by their own international patents, have consisted of innovation, development and manufacture of surfaces and technical panels intended to various sectors ranging from the furniture sector to the interior design and engineering sector in the railway sector, carrying out projects all over the world.


Always in constant evolution and as a result of the development of own products to use them as both technical and decorative elements, in 2010 began to market the own brand TPB - TPB-TOP PORZELANIK BARCELONA®, a real revolution in the world of the worktops for kitchens and surfaces that require maximum resistance.At the beginning of 2011, a partnership agreement was reached with one of the best Chefs in the world, the internationally recognized Chef MARTIN BERASATEGUI (winner of 10 Michelin stars) as promotional image and user of TPB Tech.

Resulting from continuous R&D efforts, Joan Lloveras conceived the concept of the kitchen of the future that is already present in TPB. TPB tech®, the first technological worktop where you can cook directly on its surface, removing the classic glass and unifying the cooking area and the work area.

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